virtual event tech support

The Value of Virtual Event Tech Support

Virtual event tech support is underrated. If we picture events as icebergs, tech support is the bottom half, submerged in water that no one ever sees. If anything were to happen to the iceberg’s structure, its support system, the top would come crashing down, with likely catastrophic results.

What can happen when you don’t have virtual event tech support

When s%#! hits the fan, it splatters. Once the first domino falls, the rest usually are close behind. You’ve probably experienced the following (or more) trying to manage Facebook Live or Zoom while being the content source: 

  • Guests trapped in the waiting room, 
  • hackers posting derogatory comments, 
  • broadcast failure, 
  • poor wifi signals creating pixelated or grainy footage, 
  • live stream system updates seconds before it’s time to go LIVE
  • video files not playing,
  • screen share functions not working,
  • browser extensions not working,
  • trouble with IOS vs Android audience displays,
    • Sometimes, viewers get confused and irritated because they don’t see what everyone else does on their screen.
  • IOS vs Android functionality for guests,
    • For example, the live stream platform Streamyard does not open in Safari browsers. If you send guest links, your speakers will likely have to open them in Google Chrome. If they don’t have Google Chrome, their screen time is more derailed as you wait for them to download it.
  • missing important questions or inquiries because you can’t effectively monitor the chat and be the entertainment,
  • no one to post links or other pertinent information on your behalf,
  • trouble adjusting volume, muting, or opening the camera.

Not having virtual event tech support for your online event means fighting the forest fire alone. All your online events won’t end up as virtual doomsday. But when something (or several things) go wrong and trust us, no one gets through events completely unscathed, you’ll want the assurance that your virtual event support tech team is on the case to get you back up and running again.

You don’t have to be a showrunner and star. What it’s like with virtual event tech support

Visual Virtual event tech support analogy

Tech support alleviates the stress of being in two places simultaneously. The host and crew live in two separate worlds. The same is true in symbiotic relationships such as celebrities and their glam squads or speechwriters for public speakers. Considering the list above, think how stressed you’d be or have been playing fire extinguisher and igniter, going back and forth from content creator to Geek Squad. It’s exhausting! Acting as a showrunner and star is equivalent to walking the red carpet while doing your hair and makeup. You can do it, but should you?

Additionally, dedicated virtual event tech support can resolve issues more quickly and efficiently than someone managing a one-person show because their only responsibility is tech, like yours is, being the face of the business, brand, or event. Neither party has to leave their primary responsibilities, giving the production a better chance of running smoothly. 

Virtual event tech support increases positive customer experiences. 

The virtual event tech support team is the first line of defense for troubleshooting, engagement with online participants, and broadcast quality. Nothing encourages a quick click away from your virtual event than lousy video/audio quality, accessibility problems, or poorly executed content.

Virtual events should reflect the integrity and appeal of in-person events.

Online gatherings, known for fun, quirky audience interactions, should find ways to implement those characteristics virtually. Businesses and companies with reputations for confirming stellar in-person conference speakers should ensure their virtual headliners receive the same top-tier treatment and exposure as an onsite event would bring.

Virtual events can be powerful testaments for your business and expertise if done right. Customers will rave about their experience and become invested in your content and knowledge, convincing them to attend the event the following year. 

Happy customers become loyal customers. Loyal customers build communities, and fostering a thriving community can skyrocket you as a thought leader in your industry.

Don’t host another online event without virtual event tech support. Hefty virtual events may require a robust tech team, so start small, depending on your needs. A skilled, one to two-person tech team can handle the demands of a virtual meeting with 75 or fewer guests.

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