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Event Planners: Maximize Your Time By Repurposing Event Content

Event planning is time-consuming. Repurposing event content is one way to make it worthwhile.

Organization, planning, and coordinating usually bring event planners great joy but for small businesses and larger organizations that primarily see events as products, repurposing content will maximize your return on investment. 

Here’s a list of seven ways to repurpose event content for your business.


Event presentations offer ideal content for podcasts.

Each guest speaker’s presentation can be segmented into an episode with your further commentary.

For instance, if you’re hosting a three-day event with three new headline guests daily, that’s a minimum of nine podcast shows.

Assuming you recorded guest speaker presentations and have a videographer on staff or have the budget to acquire the edits needed, you can dwindle the original content down as much as you want to fit your needs or expound on it to create future shows.

You could even invite the original guest speaker to be a guest on the podcast to elaborate on a topic they’ve already worked on.

Cost-effective options for new podcasters include Wix, Libsyn, and Podbean. 


Use Instagram and Facebook reels to highlight key components of your event.

Perhaps it’s a customer FAQ, a surprising fact, or a product launch revealed exclusively at your event.

Recap these happenings with reels for viewers.

The ones who attended the event will likely comment on the footage, increasing engagement, and those who did not attend will have a point of reference for going next year.

Use the added features (music, text manipulation, and graphics) to give your reels more appeal.

The audio captured will likely be deemed “original” because it originated from the event you hosted.


Stories are shorter than reels but only by 30 seconds.

Use Facebook and Instagram stories to summarize each day with a 60-second video or to deliver announcements post-event.

Seeing attendee engagement (meet and greets, laughter, networking, etc.) is fun to watch as story content.

Announcing sales or discounts is also a good way to use stories immediately following an event. 


If you’re seeking an easy product with a relatively quick turnaround, consider repurposing event content into a course.

Most of the work and content have already been done for you.

Your job post-event will be to package the material for mass distribution and work out the appropriate sales channels.

To help get you started, Zapier recommends these platforms for course-building: Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Podia, Thinkific, Kajabi, Mighty Networks and Simplero.


Did the event theme really resonate with attendees this year?

Have you noticed several people repeating quotes from your event in their social media posts?

Repurpose the content into t-shirts!

Tshirt companies are abundant, so we won’t include any here, but we will encourage you to trademark or copyright the verbiage you plan to sell. 


These last two items can be combined for marketing the next event.

Save any positive feedback about your business and events to use for testimonials.

If people took the time to give you a review, leverage it.

Compliments in live stream chats, positive audience feedback between intermissions or survey responses are all user-generated content you can repurpose to promote your company. 

Previews for next year’s event

Use whatever applicable video was captured during your event as marketing material for the following year.

Paint a picture of what to expect for those who haven’t participated in your shindigs.

Video content can appeal to people’s emotions in ways stand-alone images may not. Videographers know how to maximize footage and give you the best bang for your buck.

However, if you’re editing solo, platforms like WeVideo or Adobe’s Premiere Rush are relatively easy to use after a few tries.

These are our best insights on how to maximize event exposure by repurposing content post-event. To learn more about how we offer event support, click HERE.