Technically, an on-call personal assistant, a LIVE Event Liaison differs from an event coordinator in that the assistant is wholly dedicated to the event planner, host or manager, not event attendees.

What's a LIVE Event Liaison?

We know you love your job. 

The constant barrage of chaotic beauty events provide is an adrenaline rush like no other. You barley have time to breathe sometimes but you’ve settled this as just part of the job. 

But what if it didn’t have to be?

Have you ever wished you could nab you more support as an event planner,  coordinator, manager or host? Perhaps someone to run copies when you’re unable to leave the room or who reminds you to call your kid’s teacher during intermission.

You have no trouble keeping clients happy with your services. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could be happier  in your work too? Who wouldn’t appreciate someone want watching their back  with the fierceness and enhancing their business? 

Hence, the best kept secret in the industry, the  LIVE Event Liaison —the buffer, go-between, and all-round onsite assistant to help you (and only you) as you bring events to life. 

By definition, a liaison is “a person who acts to arrange and assist interaction between parties.” Therefore, a LIVE Event Liaison (LEL) is a dedicated point of contact exclusively for event hosts and planners. 

As an event planner, you’re there for the attendees, but a LIVE Event Liaison is there for you. They serve as your onsite, peace of mind, as you navigate the demands of event hosting. 

For example, let’s say you’re a solopreneur whose flight was delayed. You’re hosting your 2nd annual in-person, cosmetics community gathering and now you’re frustrated because the event begins in two hours. 

You have no one to call to either: A) update the venue on your arrival, B) communicate with stakeholders on your behalf or C) all the above. 

LIVE Event Liaisons can do all this and more. 

We are the stage crew to your headliner.

We understand how to support event hosts and planners during the events they’re managing. 

How many potential clients have slipped through your fingers when exhibiting because you didn’t have time to speak with them?

 Do you feel light-headed while hosting because you forgot to eat?

Are you often late to something for your kid because you didn’t leave your event on time?

LIVE Event Liaisons focus on you, while you tend to the crowd.

Most importantly, they keep you accountable to your real life, outside the consuming craziness often associated with event planning.

LIVE Event Liaisons are the chocolate to your peanut butter, and the Frankie Beverley to your Maze.

They are the best-kept secret you never knew you needed.

What a LIVE Event Liaison is NOT

How does the service work?

There are three tiers of LIVE Event Liaison services: Standard, Super and Supremely Excellent. Additional services can be added to any tier for an extra fee. Clients are expected to cover travel, lodging, and transportation fees accumulated for LEL services rendered.


  • One day or 6-8 hours of in-person, event support
  • 12 months of pre-event email marketing w/outlined plan (must have a pre-existing email list for marketing purposes)
  • Four weeks of post-event email marketing follow-up
  • 12 pre-event social media promotional posts (equivalent to 3 posts/week for 30 days)
  • Limited to local, Atlanta Metro area events only, or within two-hour driving distance.
  • Suggested AddOns: Virtual Event Support and Post-Event Content Creation Package


  • Everything in the Standard tier
  • In-person event support for a 2-day event, for 8-12 hours/day, anywhere in the U.S.
  • Implemented check-in times throughout the day to handle personal matters
  • Reminders to call home, take medication, check in with employees, or simply eat and stay hydrated.
    Attend up to three pre-planning meetings (virtually) with your overall team
  • One-on-one debrief meeting or written report after each day
  • 24 pre-event, social media promotional posts
  • Suggested AddOns:
    Virtual Event Support, Post-Event Content Creation Package, and General Virtual Assistant

Supremely Excellent

  • Everything in Standard and Super tiers
  • We’ll essentially be your second brain for a 3-5 day event, up to 12 hours/day, anywhere in the U.S. and most places in the world

  • We’ll oversee one onsite component or area if needed (i.e. volunteer management or registration). This can be a pre-planned assignment or implemented as a backup if unexpected circumstances lead to a shift in onsite plans

  • We’ll not only be your exclusive point of contact but also extend this level of devoted service to your guest speakers/presenters, complete with email communications for presentation reminders and submissions, onsite logistics and what to expect upon arrival.

  • If needed, we’ll fulfill two local errands for last-minute needs or requests
    Transportation fees incurred will be billed separately to the client
    We’ll oversee test runs for presentations, sound and tech

  • We’ll provide two months of pre-event social media promo posts

  • We’ll have your favorite snacks on hand for an extra level of comfort

  • Suggested AddOns:
    Virtual Event Support, In-Person Event Support (not the same as LEL), Post-Event Content Creation Package, and General Virtual Assistant


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