Event planners are stressed…this can help

Event planners are stressed. Their profession is considered a high-stress occupation where four in five (79%) of event professionals find their work more stressful post-pandemic. And who can blame them? People take their comfort and pleasure seriously. Jeopardize someone’s good time, and you’ll likely encounter a bit of hell-raising.   

Event planners curate experiences. They’re accountable for everything attendees engage with throughout their event, big or small. If there’s not enough parking, it’s the planner’s fault. Suppose the food was good; hats off to the event manager. Suppose nametags are missing from the registration table. In that case, the event coordinator must listen to patrons sulk about wearing a handwritten one. 

Despite the event industry’s high intensity and busy nature, most event professionals love their work (64% would recommend a friend or family member to the industry). However, event planners, hosts, and managers need more reliable help. Two-thirds (66%) of event professionals believe that businesses understand the importance of events and give the industry the recognition it deserves – not the people behind it.

As one Reddit user put it, I love my job but feel like a lot of it comes down to kissing ass. It would be nice to have my ass kissed once in a while…js

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Technically, an on-call personal assistant, a LIVE Event Liaison differs from an event coordinator in that the assistant is wholly dedicated to the event planner, host or manager, not event attendees.
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What makes event planning so stressful?

Managing expectations is an intricate game event planners must play. Event managers have to meet clients’ goals and attendees’ hopes. They’re concerned about aesthetics, hospitality, budgets, themes, parking, catering, registration, speakers, networking, receptions, giveaways, playlists, and anything else that pertains to the day. Balancing all of that and trying to ensure people have a “good time” can stretch many event planners too thin. 


Larger events mean bigger budgets, greater logistical detail, and, of course, more attendees. The larger the event, the more details there are to organize. Smaller events will have a lower level of intricacy but often have tighter budgets, keeping the event planner on their toes with every nickel and dime. Event complexity determines the level of support an event coordinator, manager, host, or planner needs to staff the gathering adequately. 

P.S. Hybrid events (online and in-person) turn the complexity up a few notches.


Deadlines are crucial for event planners. Time impacts an event planner’s stress levels when running out of it. When clients miss deadlines, it condenses the event coordinator’s schedule. Pivoting plans for event components like meetings, rehearsals, site visits, sound tests, and setup can cause unnecessary stress. 


We’ve already mentioned the importance of money and time. Labor is another critical asset for event planners. Most businesses agree that events are essential to their well-being. Still, as many event planners may argue, they need more support to maintain optimal performance.  

What’s the missing support event planners need?

Event planners, hosts, and managers like you need an exclusive support system dedicated to your well-being during events, not attendees.

What you need (what you’re missing) is a LIVE Event Liaison.

Picture yourself hosting a no-holds-barred training for the top executives in your city. The budget is extravagant. The decor is everything you imagined. The event staff is fantastic; you met most of your deadlines and secured attendees with one of the best swag packages of your career. The energy is high as you bustle through the crowd, and the conference attendees are pleased.


  • You haven’t eaten since yesterday.
  • You need to call your daughter about her math test
  • Hotel checkout is in 30 minutes
  • There are two execs you want to connect with, but you’re worried about missing your chance


You need a dedicated point of contact; someone to prioritize your needs while you manage the hectic rhythms of event life.

How LIVE Event Liaisons help event planners

LIVE Event Liaisons understand how to support event hosts and planners before, during, and after the events they manage. 

It’s easy for things to slip through the cracks when you focus on everyone except yourself. It’s nearly impossible for event planners to express concern about anything outside the next 24-48 event hours they manage.

But you have a life too.

And it doesn’t stop when your event starts. In the midst of guests dancing the night away, your mom has texted you five times. The kids want you to bring home pizza for dinner. Plus, you’ve gotta drive your sister to the airport in the morning.

LIVE Event Liaisons focus on you, the event host extraordinaire, while you tend to the crowd. They are the stage crew to your headliner, the Meredith to your Christina. As short-term personal assistants for event planners, they’re the best-kept secret you never knew you needed.

Here are some examples of how LIVE Event Liaisons can help event planners

  • One-on-one check-ins before the event
    • The LIVE Event Liaison will help you review the day’s events and address last-minute changes before show time. 
  • They’ll implement check-in times throughout the event for you to handle personal matters such as calling home, taking medication, meeting with employees, or eating and hydrating.
  • They can attend up to three pre-planning meetings (virtually) with your overall team.
  • They can debrief the day’s events with you immediately after (this is ideal for events that span multiple days)
  • They can help you wrap up early to have more time to network.
  • A LIVE Event Liasion can even oversee a critical component such as volunteer management or registration if/when needed. 


Event planning can be stressful with juggling responsibilities, but deep down, you love it. The rush of organizing something from start to finish and watching people enjoy the experiences you create is second to one. Why not give yourself the same level of care? 

Get started with a LIVE Event Liaison and secure the personal support and accountability that all event planners need. Schedule a call today!