Elevate Your Productivity with a Virtual Executive Assistant

A skilled, virtual executive assistant is the gift that keeps on giving. If the relationship is maximized, it can be the best thing you never knew you needed. From scheduling meetings, sending reminders, or giving a listening ear, virtual executive assistants help boost your efficiency and focus on core tasks. 

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of ways a virtual executive assistant can make you more productive.

Virtual executive assistants implement systems and processes.

According to the US. Small Business Association: businesses regularly lose money due to inefficiencies (not achieving maximum productivity). Startups are commonly characterized by having to bootstrap their work and resources, forcing many to skip intricate tasks such as documenting procedures.

Give your VA a list of processes you’d like to set up or hire someone with experience setting up business processes so they can identify inefficiencies on their own. This can actually make your business more efficient even when your VA isn’t on the clock.

A virtual executive assistant puts time back on your calendar.

Virtual assistants help you work ON your business instead of IN the business. Imagine you’re stuck on a boat in the ocean and it’s up to you to get to shore. You won’t get very far alone, but if a few people suddenly appeared, there’d be more help to share the labor!

A few can row while the other watches for land, or you can alternate duties. If you’re always focused on rowing the boat, you’ll never sit up and look for the land! Virtual executive assistants help you do more than stay afloat. They allow you to regain the time to do more of what you love in your business.

Virtual executive assistants are gatekeepers.

Screening calls and emails can eat up your day. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are already strapped for time.

Virtual executive assistants can manage general inquiries, filtering out the best leads for your business. Ideally, they can answer frequently asked questions on your behalf and manage the follow-up process of business leads.

A virtual executive assistant can be an accountability partner.

Brushing off ideas popping in your head for more urgent matters (paying bills, client meetings, HR duties) is easy. An executive assistant can hold you accountable for the goals and ideas you’re not giving energy to.

For example, if your VA to hears you say, “I’d be nice if we could…” and follows up the next week with, “Hey, you mentioned wanting to do xyz. I have a few ideas on how we can accomplish that. Is now a good time to discuss?”

Refreshing right? Virtual executive assistants offer consistent support while you build the business.

Hire a skilled virtual executive assistant for seamless organization and support in your business. Increase your productivity today!