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LIVE Event Liaison

The shining star of this service is the LIVE Event Liaison. Technically, an on-call personal assistant the role differs from an event coordinator in that the admin is wholly dedicated to the host (or speaker) rather than simultaneously managing vendors, guests, and other event responsibilities.

How many times are you gonna risk fainting because you forgot to eat at your event? And how many more webinars will you host just because you can? You can do more than survive your events as a host with a dedicated point of contact for peace of mind and a tech-savvy, virtual event manager can market your business throughout the year for all your online events. 

We’re not event planners but we understand the overlooked care level these professionals are missing. Executive event support encompasses pre and post-event assistance, from writing marketing emails and guest speaker preferences to follow-ups and debriefings after the event.  

As event support specialists, we also encourage planners to consider five best practices to round out their event: 1) conduct 1-2 brief, pre-event catch-all meetings, 2) create an agenda or run of show (and keep it handy), 3) organize any necessary personal affairs at least week before the event, 4) regularly rotate the room and 50 say thank you to staff and attendees post-event.

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Secure the support you need before your next big thing. Whether you require a virtual event manager or an in-person event host assistant, our event support offerings bring peace to the chaos planning often bring.

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