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About Us

I help people feel less overwhelmed in their work and supported in their goals.

When I see a need, I fill it. It’s something I was raised to do and now love to do. The level of service S.H.S. provides stems from my foundation and belief in Christ, so it’s not something we portray to meet quotas or win awards. It’s an honor to exercise my gifts by serving others in this way (Galatians 5:13).

I believe the world is full of people with great ideas. I mean really great, life-changing, fantastically amazing ideas, but idle hands keep them from coming to life. Not all visionaries can execute. That’s where our virtual assistants come in. You think. We do. You breathe. Delegate your needs and trust us to fulfill them.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries (law, nonprofit, media, and education) and have gained applicable skills along the way to help you reach your goals. I bring a unique mix of practical wisdom to clients with the know-how to manage different marketplace leadership styles.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, and I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Practical Theology. My hobbies include: spending time with my family, traveling, writing, searching for bakeries, and binge-watching movies and shows on streaming services I’ve vowed to stop paying for.

Chassidy has been a gift to us from day 1. As I grow my technology consulting business from a single-consultant offering to a company with a team of professionals, Chassidy has been there to help me offload tasks that don’t require my specific skill set and help me refocus my energy on business and team development. When I make a request, I don’t have to think about it anymore - it’s handled. The fact that we were able to grow our business during the pandemic is largely due to Chassidy’s support. I truly appreciate the service and freedom she gives me each and every day.
Dr. Lisa Richardson
Founder & CEO, Main Street MarTech
What's it like to work with Us?

Our Process



Schedule a consultation to assess your virtual assistant needs and complete an onboarding questionnaire to determine how our services can help you.



We’ll discuss your goals and priorities to construct a 90-Day plan to get some immediate wins under your belt.



We’ll implement customized systems and offer recommendations to enhance your work flow and cohesiveness with your virtual assistant.



We’ll send monthly and or weekly progress reports on all completed tasks, following up with questions, feedback, and concerns throughout the process, to ensure work is completed to your specified standards.


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