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We’re the mythical assistants you've been looking for!

Servant’s Heart Services (Servant’s Heart, SHS) is an executive support services company providing virtual assistance to high-performing business owners. Our services include administrative support, event support, content creation, and social media management. To seasoned, high-performing business owners suffering from overwhelm, we are the brand of executive support services that provides admin support, event support, content creation, and social media management so you can

feel relieved and free to enjoy life.


That’s because, unlike task-oriented admin professionals, we have the innovative thinking and business management expertise to be your problem-solving partner for future business growth. Servant’s Heart serves high-performing business owners with small teams in higher education, media & communications, youth & human service nonprofits, arts and creative industries, and faith-based organizations. We know how you do business today. You need modern marketing and management skills for a growing business. And because you’ve been burned from working with shady freelancers and solopreneurs, you want reliability and trustworthiness to feel truly supported.


We’re the mythical assistants you’ve been looking for; the unicorns you thought didn’t exist. Good assistants stay ahead. An effective executive support partner tracks what’s to come while managing present workloads all while being mindful of client stress levels. We understand our role and that it took a lot to get your business where it is today. We can help you feel less overwhelmed in your work and restore your peace of mind by being the executive support team you need to flourish. 


Let’s redeem your time and reclaim some freedom!


Stop doing tasks you don’t have time to do.

You can’t be everything all the time. Delegate your duties to someone that can fully support you behind the scenes as you focus on growing your company.

Our Services

Virtual Assistance

Stop dropping the ball on projects because the little things keep falling through the cracks. You can’t be everything at once. Delegate your tasks to a VA that can handle the demands of your growing company.

Content Creation

We’ll help you tell your unique story to the masses through a variety of post types and packages to build up your digital footprint. No more figuring out the “right” pics!

Event Support

The shining star of this service is the LIVE Event Liaison. Technically an on-call personal assistant, the role differs from an event coordinator in that the admin is wholly dedicated to the host (or speaker) rather than simultaneously managing vendors, guests, and other event responsibilities. Need event support for a virtual event instead? We’ve got you covered there too.

Social Media Management

Having your social media handled alleviates the stress of “having to post”. We’ll help you assess your current social channels, implement a consistent routine and help you engage more with your audience online.

What Our Clients Say

I've had the pleasure of working with Chassidy for 8-9 years on several events and projects. There are many things I admire about Chassidy. The top three things that come to mind are 1) Innovation, 2) Leadership, and 3) Results. Chassidy is always looking for greater innovation for growth opportunities in whatever she is working on. It is because of her great leadership that she can communicate the vision effectively to her team for seamless execution. This allows her to deliver results that meet objectives and vision. It is always a pleasure to work and collaborate with Chassidy. She is truly an asset to any project.
Bibi Williams
Master Organizer of Khaos
What's it like to work with Us?

Our Process



Schedule a consultation to assess your virtual assistant needs and complete an onboarding questionnaire to determine how our services can help you.



We’ll discuss your goals and priorities to construct a 90-Day plan to get some immediate wins under your belt.



We’ll implement customized systems and offer recommendations to enhance your work flow and cohesiveness with your virtual assistant.



We’ll send monthly and or weekly progress reports on all completed tasks, following up with questions, feedback, and concerns throughout the process, to ensure work is completed to your specified standards.

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