9 ways to increase awareness for your business using social media

For FREE! Who knows how long our favorite social media platforms will be available to us at no cost? Before you spend a small fortune on Facebook ads or with a marketing agency, try these 9 easy (FREE) ways to increase awareness for your business using social media.

  1. Add your social media handles to your email signature.
  2. Mention your social media handles in your LIVE videos and post the handles in video descriptions.
  3. Add your business website link to your personal Facebook page bio…yes, people still read those.
  4. Create a Facebook group to engage and build your tribe.
  5. Use Instagram stories to document the building of the brand, your daily operations.
  6. Host a WATCH Party on Facebook to tell the story of your brand/business.
  7. Follow your favorite influencers on Instagram, repost some of their content with a meaningful comment and tag them in the repost.
  8. Fully complete your social media profile information, fill out your bio, enter your address and phone number, website, email and business hours. Platforms like Facebook even suggest changes (like specifying your business category) to make sure you’re found easily on the site. 
  9. For Instagram, add the link you want people to use for additional information on your business. Go to your profile and switch out this link every time you have a new place you want to drive traffic to.

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