How to simultaneously give Coronavirus relief and stay in front of customers

Everyone’s home right now…offer a FREE training.

Take advantage of popular platforms such as Zoom, GotoMeeting/Webinar or BeLive and provide a 30-45 minute training, Q&A session or behind the scenes footage of your daily #stayhome activities to keep your business top of mind in these unusual times.

The global #stayathome initiative may provoke a bit of tension in some but for others, it’s the perfect setup.


Yes, the circumstances suck. Yes, the coronavirus is a serious, SERIOUS problem [pleazzzze #stayhome 😫].

BUT here’s the bright spot, we can use this time for good.

Virtual platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting and RingCentral have spiked to all-time highs. THEY ARE BOOMING. 

People have been mandated to put a halt in their regular routines, stay indoors and keep away from others. These mediums have added small comfort to an uncomfortable situation. 

With so many revolving physical restrictions, the one thing people are sure to keep up steadily is internet usage. The masses are streaming, downloading and researching content during hours normally occupied by traditional schooling, work or sleep.

This is the ideal time to take advantage of opportunities for your business and the greater good.

Seizing opportunity for business

Don’t think too much into this…you may miss your shot. While this is also a good time for product creation, a better approach [and the one we recommend] is to repurpose content you already have for this training.

Everything is content! as you’ve probably heard, numerous times over the last 10 years. So for a 30-45 minute training, you could break down:

  • Old blog posts (repurpose your 3-5 blog points into your talking/teaching points)
  • A previous speech/presentation
  • A frequently asked question or two (FAQs)
  • An infographic

To get started immediately…

  • Sign up for a Zoom account
  • Decide which piece of old content you want to teach/elaborate on
  • Pick a date for the training
  • Create and post a graphic or do a quick live stream inviting people to join the FREE training and share the link from ZOOM for them to join.

And voila! New leads and exposure with minimal effort.

Seizing opportunity for the greater good

Here’s where it comes full circle. Offer your training for FREE but include links for your audience to donate to coronavirus relief efforts.

Pick a few of the causes close to your heart and request that everyone who joins the training makes a contribution.

A few that we’re advocating for include N95 masks and safety gear for nurses and hospital staff, supplies and resources for teachers and donations to local food banks.

Add the links (no more than 3) in your video or post description and reiterate for people to give in the beginning, middle and end of your training.

Unusual times cause for extraordinary effort. Doing something else to aid COVID-19 relief? Share your initiatives below.

At your service,