Stop Leaving Us Hanging: Tips for reaching your audience after a live stream

Now that you’ve had your first stint in the world of live streams, you’ll want to assess what happened; determine what went well and what didn’t.

One thing you can probably improve on immediately is following up with those who attended your stream.

 A week after an event, maybe even two days after, whether live or online, most people lose their enthusiasm for what they learned or encountered, settling back into life before the shindig.

That is the last thing you want to happen, especially where your business is concerned.

The days after the live stream should be spent driving home a lasting impression, the one you (hopefully) made while you were on their screens.

Out of sight means out of mind. And if you never follow up, it’s like the event never happened in the first place. 


Check out these tips to help you get the ball rolling on keeping in touch with everyone that deemed you worthy of their time online.

1. Create a new plan.

Now that your head is swimming with ideas review the notes (please tell us you took notes) you took during the event. If you have been putting off an affiliate program for one reason or another, this may be the perfect time to get going.

Find out a new way to streamline your shopping cart or optimize your website. This type of planning is ideal for doing on the heels of a past event.

2. Email your attendees.

Each social media handle or business card you have should contain the website and email address of the person or organization who handed it to you.


Suppose you have a customer relationship manager (CRM). In that case, you can do this all at once as if each person is getting an individual email. 

If you don’t have a CRM, you can get around sending individual emails by sending your message TO: yourself and BCC: all the other email addresses.

This should prevent other people from seeing further contact details besides your own. 

Once you get the email formatted just the way you like it, give the reader a memory jog of your face by including your picture at the end of the email. 

Once you start getting responses, impress the person on the other end by including a tidbit from the event related to them if you can.

This could be elaborating on a question they asked in the comments or thanking them for sharing the stream and inviting others.

3. Follow and LIKE your new peeps.

Find your new peeps on all the socials: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc. This information should also be on any business cards or websites you received from attendees.

If they have a business, show your support by liking their pages. Don’t forget to invite them to follow you too if they aren’t already.

4. Blog about the experience.

Did your live stream guests drop gems worth repeating? A blog is a great tool to recap all the highlights and lessons learned from the experience. 

5. Develop new products.

Yes, because everything is content.


You can turn your presentation or points from a 20-minute Facebook LIVE into a slew of digital products.

For an online conference, create an e-course on your topic after the event’s over. For in-person events, use the handouts as filler for your monthly newsletter or content for a video. 

Finally, we wanna know what you have learned online in the last year that’s been most helpful to you? Did you do anything with the knowledge?

Hopefully, you did. If not, use these five tips to get you started.

At Your Service,

-SHS Staff