5 Signals You Need Business Support

Ideally, we would like to spot danger before being consumed by it. Realistically, we do not reach out for help until we are drowning.

Here are five ways to tell if you need support in your business. 

Number One:  You work day-to-day. 

Projecting helps you stay ahead in your work.

However, only possessing enough energy to work on daily tasks or on what’s immediately in front of you is stagnating your growth. 

There’s no room to think ahead to the next month or quarter because all of your mental energy is committed to surviving one day at a time.  

Number Two: You never re-evaluate.

Never evaluating your patterns and workflows is a sign that you need fresh eyes.

How do you know what you implemented three years ago is still yielding results today?

Let’s use social media as an example.

Say post on Tuesdays at noon and have been doing so for three years.

You haven’t changed anything about this routine, not the publish time, post type, or frequency.

Yet, data shows that the best days to post content for your business are Thursdays and Saturdays.

You’d know this if you evaluated your accounts or worked with a social media expert to optimize your channels.

Number Three: You refuse to delegate.

You cannot do it all yourself (and you shouldn’t want to)! A team should help alleviate the overwhelm of your work.

Don’t refuse to instruct those hired to help you. In the end, it will only hinder your growth.

Number Four: Disorganization is affecting you more and more. 

You are constantly all over the place.

You can’t find your appointments on the calendar.

You notoriously double-book sessions.

The contract you signed is overdue (because you lost it).

Everything is piling up.

Clients are unhappy.

The leads you never responded to hired someone else.

Shall we go on?

Number Five: You feel depleted every day. 

Zero energy.

Fatigue is your norm, and no amount of coffee can pick you up.

Sometimes the cure for burnout is a few extra hands.

The bottom line, if any of these hit home, you need support in your work. 

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