11 Signs Your Admin is Crushing it at Work

Good help is hard to find but not impossible. It takes a while to weed through the mediocre resumes but eventually you’ll find a few (or at least one) diamond in the rough. Choosing an admin that executes the needs of your company AND meshes well with your leadership style is no easy feat. It could take months or even years to find the right person(s) for you and your company.

If you’ve recently hired administrative help and still aren’t sure if they’re meeting or better yet, surpassing your standards, take a closer look at their performance by recognizing these 11 signs your admin is actually crushing it at work.

1. They’re always on time

Timeliness is a universal, good conduct rule when it comes to business. Inc. has a great article on the importance of timeliness alone. Punctuality shows that your admin respects the business and or company and wants to keep their best foot forward. Making an effort to arrive earlier, even if it’s only 15 minutes early, gives a person more time to settle into their routine and prepare for the day.

2. They take initiative

Ahh, the sweet smell of someone taking the first step! This isn’t always the best approach depending on your leadership style but if you’re a boss that encourages his/her employees to work ahead and explore possibilities on their own, you’ll appreciate someone that regularly takes the initiative to further the goals of the company.

3. They have impeccable follow-up and follow-through

It sucks when things fall through. It sucks, even more, when you find out they didn’t have to. It’s not uncommon for connections, relationships or opportunities to suffer due to the lack of follow-up and or following through with a particular task.

Let’s say Company Aye and Company Bee had a meeting and proposed to start the community garden first quarter but no one was delegated to manage the project fully from either party. Now it’s second-quarter but nothing else has happened on either side and plans are behind schedule. If an admin from Company Aye or Company Bee had simply decided to send a follow-up email or call regarding the meeting, the window of opportunity could have been saved. If your admin is great when it comes to following up and through, you may have a winner on your hands.

4. They can diffuse situations

The staff meeting got a little heated. Voices were elevated. Faces reddened, curls uncoiled and deep breaths were taken. But somehow, the meeting ended on a calmer note. Your admin’s quick thinking and ability to gently diffuse situations saved the day! If this sounds familiar, you may want to stop reading this for a second and go thank them.

5. They have great people skills

More than anything else, it’s not necessarily the products that keep people coming back, it’s the service. In our book, great service puts you over the top every time. If your admin displays outstanding customer service on all accounts, you have a keeper.

6. They take direction and criticism well

It’s impossible to live life without any offense coming your way, so it’s important to manage your reactions when they do. An admin that can take direction and criticism well and still execute the desired results or better (while maintaining a good attitude), is worth keeping.

7. They listen

Sounds simple but if you’ve ever felt unheard, you know how important it is and feels when someone acknowledges your voice.

8. They’re a team player

You can only be the star player for so long. An admin that welcomes and encourages collaboration is probably in it for the long haul. Working well with others shows commitment and leadership.

9. They’re accountable…for the good AND bad stuff

Up or down. High or low. Own up to your stuff. Administrative Assistants that are accountable for their wins AND failures are golden employees. If you have this type of person in your organization, you’ve not only found good help, you’ve found a person of integrity.

10. They display management and leadership skills

An admin that can effectively manage and lead your team, whether the task or function is written in their job description or not, is an asset. This is someone you can trust to lead and carry out responsibilities when you’re away or need to delegate more off your plate. Win.

11. They go the extra mile

It’s called the extra mile because it’s not required. Your assistant didn’t have to stay later to finish up the project but they did. He/she didn’t have to send Christmas cards to all the top clients of the company but they did it anyway. An admin that chooses to do a little more to stand out from the rest, should be seen as valuable and most of all, appreciated.

Thanks for reading the 11 signs your admin is crushing it post. Like we said before, good help is hard to find but not impossible, so when you do find it, acknowledge and support it. If you have other signs that signal when admins are excelling in the office, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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