Small Steps to Self-Improvement

September is Self-Improvement Month, a time for self-reflection, evaluation, and growth.

In our mission to support others, we’re adamant about not pouring from an empty cup. You do yourself and those you care about a huge disservice when you don’t offer your best self.

Remember Opposite Day in school? It used to be a cute game.

You stood up when you were supposed to sit down. You ran when you should have walked. You dressed differently than your norm and probably acted accordingly too.

The idea of doing the opposite was fun, thrilling even. Just think about the raving days of Simon Says.

Now the idea of switching up your routine seems scary and a hassle to pursue. But what if doing the opposite of our long-standing habits led to better outcomes for our lives?

As we enter the last few months of the year, it’s a good time to account for the areas of your life you’d like to see more growth in.

When you take steps toward becoming the best version of yourself, you’ll be better able to serve your clients, business, family and friends from a FULL cup.

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Here’s a short list of ways to pursue growth if dealing with the common challenges of meeting new people, not finishing what you start, public speaking, being a workaholic, or if you want to explore the world around you.

For meeting new people…

If you typically shy away from meeting new people, challenge yourself by taking a new course. Painting, kickboxing, real estate. Pick something you’ve always been interested in but never had the guts to try before.

For not finishing what you start…

If you have a habit of not finishing what you start, pick an attainable 30-day goal and chip away at it for a month. For example, take baby steps into an exercise regime by walking around your neighborhood for 15 minutes every day.

For fear of speaking in public…

If you have trouble with public speaking, volunteer to speak in smaller spaces like reading to kids during storytime at your local library. The staff will be grateful for the help and the kids will enjoy seeing a new face.

For the workaholic…

If you spend more time at work than you do at home and feel there’s a problem with that, challenge yourself to take a “me-day” two times per month. Dedicate two dates on your calendar each month, exclusively for you and your favorite things. Read books, binge watch, buy shoes, or sit alone on a park bench. Whatever floats your boat. And unless the building’s burning, don’t answer your work email.

For your inner wanderlust…

If you want to “get out” more but don’t know where to start, begin by visiting a local city you’ve never been too. Drive to the next town. Eat a restaurant two counties away. Take a friend to the fall festival happening an hour away. Explore the area around you and then expand to larger, farther territory.

Acting on these recommendations won’t lead to monumental change overnight but they can give you ideas towards achieving your personal development goals, step by step.

Have other small steps to recommend? Leave them in the comments below.

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