Essential Venue Checklist: 7 areas to cover when event planning

We know what it’s like to pour your heart into planning an event, working to make sure everything is perfectly intact.

You’ve triple-checked registration lists. You’ve conducted your last onsite run through and have confirmed guest hotel rooms for the 5th time this week.


With so many aspects to keep a grip on, the one area you don’t want to lose it with is your venue. At the very least, you should be able to count on your event space being solid.

But sometimes our best foot forward still gets tripped up by the little things, like forgetting to ask about wifi or proximity of restroom locations.

To help you stay on top of your game and sanity, here’s a list of 7 things to check when booking your next event space.


Outlets are crucial these days to keep devices charged! Get wifi
access and login information prior tot he event and secure ample power outlets for guests, even if you have to purchase extra!


Make sure restrooms are in close proximity to your meeting space.
This will cut down on guests getting lost and distracted while at
your event.


Larger venues such as hotels and convention centers, typically
provide free shuttle services within a 2-3 mile radius. If using a
smaller scale venue, check the frequency for other transportation services in the area, like Uber or Lyft services.


Make sure you’re clear on your venue’s policy about outside food. Sometimes appetizers or snacks will be permitted for you to bring but not full meals.


Does the venue have AV capabilities, do they outsource it or can you bring your own? Don’t make assumptions here. Ask for what you need or make arrangements to secure the materials yourself.


Are other events happening during your event? Will activities outside your event impact you and your guests in any way? Get clarity on this before you sign on the dotted line.


If your event plans to run late into the night, be adamant about finding out who your after hours support or POC (point of contact) will be. If something goes wrong or if there’s a need that only the facility can fulfill, having this information handy will save you time and headaches.

These are our best tips for planning your next event. Whether you’re planning for 50 people or 500, checking these areas will not only save you grief from attendees, it will help you run a more organized and accomadating event for you and your guests.

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