Business Services You May Need This Year

Data Organization

What this can look like… 
  • Creating, implementing or transitioning to a digital filing system
  •  Archiving 
  •  Segmenting (labeling, tagging, color coding, etc)
  • Shredding files or coordinating a secure document disposal service

Social Media Manager or Coordinator 

What this can look like… 
  • Creating content
  • Execute content scheduling 
  • Implementing paid ad strategies 
  • Creating holiday campaigns
  • Engaging with your audience through comments and live streams

Calendar Management 

What this can look like… 
  • Schedule meetings and send meeting invites
  • Book travel
  • Create a “here’s what’s coming” summary to offer an itemized view of tasks to complete for upcoming meetings

Event Planner or Coordinator

What this can look like… 
  • Scout venue space
  • Submit RFPs on your behalf
  • Tour venue spaces
  • Manage volunteers 
  • Act as liaison for guest speakers


What this can look like… 
  • Prepare documents for taxes
  • Send invoices and billing notices
  • Create monthly reports

Clerical Services 

What this can look like… 
  • Hiring a part-time virtual assistant
  • Proofreading
  • Document formatting 
  • Customer service correspondence through email, phone or onsite visits
  • Creating slides decks

Idea Buddy

What this can look like… 
  • Brainstorming new product titles
  • Thinking of ways to show appreciation for client retention
  • Discussing social responsibility projects

Graphic Design 

What this can look like… 
  • Creating social media graphics
  • Designing t-shirts
  • Creating a custom virtual meeting backgrounds 

Media Coordinator

What this can look like… 
  •  Writing and distributing press releases
  • Responds to press
  • Creates and distributes media kits 
  • Pitches events to local news stations

Product Manager 

What this can look like… 
  • Track inventory 
  • Process orders and refunds 
  • Troubleshoot tech issues with an eCommerce store

Virtual Event Support 

What this can look like… 
  • Host pre-show Q&A sessions before live streams
  • Schedule reminders for upcoming broadcasts
  • Moderate comments on webinars
  • Manage camera and tech supporting the event

What’s the number one thing you need help with in your business right now?



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